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Meeting Sponsor Opportunities
MC-SHRM is thankful to the corporate sponsors who generously underwrite $250 of General Meeting costs, to help defray recurring operating expenses.

The Sponsor Company Receives:
  • Newsletter Advertising for 1 Month
    This spot may contain the name of the sponsor company, products & services

  • 3 Minute Infomercial
    At a General Meeting, the sponsoring organization will have an opportunity to address the group about their business

  • Promotional Materials Available
    Sponsoring organization is welcome to have literature available for attendees
If interested in sponsoring a meeting or would like additional information, please contact Kim Fox-Marchetti or 936-321-2370

Board of Directors
President 2011 Missy Davidson Contact
President-Elect 2011 (to Serve as President 2012) Stacy Cox Contact
VP/Secretary Paula D Guilbeau Contact
VP/Treasurer Alex Del Valle Contact
VP/Membership Kim Fox-Marchetti , PHR Contact
VP/Programs Laura Looper Contact
VP/Legislative Action Robert J Hambright Contact
VP/Education & Training Jill Chapman , SPHR Contact
VP/Career Services Jacque Finch Contact
Director at Large (2011 emphasis-Diversity Advocate) Terry Portillo Contact
Director at Large (2011 emphasis-SHRM Foundation) J Gary Ivy Contact
Director at Large (2011 emphasis-Special Projects) Matacha Saul Contact
2010 Immediate Past President Marcy Hicks , PHR Contact
Executive Director - Contact Information: Telephone: 936-321-2370 Address: P.O. Box 8796, The Woodlands, Texas 77387 Kim Fox-Marchetti , PHR Contact
2009 Past President Dave Hammon , PHR Contact
2008 Past President Susan Welbes Contact
2007 Past President Jill Chapman , SPHR Contact
2006 Past President Tanya Cook Contact
2005 Past President Diane J Bass , SPHR Contact
2004 Past President Missy Davidson Contact
2002 Past President Jill Chapman , SPHR Contact
2001 Past President Kim Fox-Marchetti , PHR Contact
2000 Founding Chapter President Kim Fox-Marchetti , PHR Contact

Board of Directors Position Descriptions
Provide leadership to the local chapter consistent with state, area and national SHRM policy, strategies and objectives. Responsible for operating the chapter effectively so that the needs of the members are met. Performs other duties as required by the local chapter's bylaws. Serves as a voting member of the State Council.

President Elect
Assist the President in overseeing all the activities of the chapter. In the absence of the President, perform all the Presidential responsibilities.

VP Membership
Manage the membership function to successfully achieve an increase in chapter membership. Guide the activities of the following committees. Volunteers, Retention, Directory, Directory, Recruitment, Awards and Hospitality.

VP Secretary
Record minutes for all chapter Board and membership meetings. Maintain chapter's history.

VP Treasurer
Act as financial advisor and record keeper for chapter. The treasurer, as an elected officer of the chapter, is a responsible member of the chapter's Board and must take part in discussion and action on all business of the chapter. As financial advisor of the chapter, the treasurer must be in a position to assess the financial implications of proposed actions by the Board and inform them of such prior to final decisions being made. Also, the treasurer must observe the financial direction of the chapter, recognize possible financial problems and bring such problems to the attention of the Executive Committee for action.

VP Programs
Manage the development and provision of monthly programs, workshops and seminars for the chapter membership. Direct the activities of the Program Committee. Work with the VP-Education and Training Services to provide pertinent workshops and seminars for professional development of chapter members.

VP Legislative
Monitor and evaluate on a continuing basis pending legislative, regulatory and legal action at the federal, state, and local level that may have an impact on the management of human resources. Present a monthly legislative report or update to the Chapter President and fellow chapter members. Inform elected officials of national SHRM's position on legislation affecting the human resources profession. Work in close cooperation with the State Public Affairs Director and the national headquarters staff in carrying out these tasks.

VP Education & Training Services
Manage the activities of the Professional Development Committee to provide seminars workshops, and other professional development opportunities for the chapter membership.

VP Career Services
Manage activities of Career Services to provide employment and career development assistance to members and local employers. Monitor and evaluate on a continuing basis, local job trends and opportunities for Human Resource professionals.

Director-at-Large: 2002 Diversity Advocate
Serve as member of the chapter's Board of Directors with primary emphasis as Diversity Director. Monitor and evaluate on a continuing basis local activities concerning diversity issues. Spearhead the effort to diversify the chapter's membership/leadership and to publicize successful diversity programs in the local community.

Director-at-Large: 2002 SHRM Foundation
Serve as a member of the chapter's Board of Directors with primary emphasis as SHRM Foundation Director. Educate, promote, and represent the interests of the SHRM Foundation and its activities to the chapter.

Director-at-Large: School-To-Work Advocate
Serve as a member of the chapter's Board of Directors with primary emphasis as School-to-Work Director. Monitors and evaluates on a continuing basis local activities concerning school-to-work issues and plans and encourages chapter involvement and activities impacting the school-to-work arena. Presents a report or update to the chapter president and fellow chapter members. Works in cooperation with state and national level school-to-work advocates.

Serve as a member of the chapter's Board of Directors as a participant available to serve in a variety of capacities as needed.

Immediate Past Presidents
2000 & 2001 - Kim Fox-Marchetti, PHR - Charter Chapter President

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